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The Commonwealth's Attorney, Tracy Quackenbush Martin, and staff, routinely participate in Halifax County community events providing public service talks, presentations and seminars.  As residents of Halifax County, the members of the Halifax County Commonwealth's Attorney's office also join with the community at various gatherings and festivals throughout the year.

If you would like the Commonwealth's Attorney's office to provide a seminar or presentation to your organization, or to invite Tracy Quackenbush Martin and her staff to participate in your group's activity, please do not hesitate to contact the Halifax County Commonwealth's Attorney's office by mail, phone, Fax, or email at the following::

Office Of The Commonwealth's Attorney
The Courthouse
PO Box 550
Halifax, VA  24558
Phone: 434-476-2139
Fax: 434-476-5042

Tracy Quackenbush Martin's Email: tqm@co.halifax.va.us

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